seized by feds. New site already running

Recently, federal investigators seized a number of domains accused of hosting copyrighted content, including the beloved and

You can read about it here:

Google News story

Lucky for you, there is a new atdhe at

Find all the feeds you enjoyed watching on the old site, and update your bookmarks. While you’re at it, bookmark this blog because it is so edu-tational. Godspeed internet tv watchers.



What’s your favorite Internet TV watching site? Take the poll

I’d love to see what you guys think. Take the poll and share your favorites.

Watch Justin.TV on your iPhone with the JTV app

Watch your favorite sports, TV shows, and movies streaming live on the iPhone or iPod touch with the Justin.TV app.

I don’t use the iPhone, but my dad does (oh the irony…). I was showing him some of my favorite sites streaming live TV, and he asked if he could watch Justin.TV on his iPhone.

He searched the app store and found the free Justin.TV app, and it works like a gem. You can even use it to broadcast from your iPhone.

We enjoyed the end of the Redskins at Cowboys game while sipping on a pint in a local tavern. Life is good.

Check out the Justin.TV blog here and get more info about their iPhone app.

JTV iPhone app: Not a pain in the ass.

Add another streaming TV site to your quivver:

I came across this site that streams live TV while watching a link from has a bunch of live links for cable channels, and the quality is good.

Their player is a little weird, for me it takes a few seconds to load, but when it does, the stream is great.

Some of the channels on are: National Geographic, SyFy, ESPN, CBS, and CNN. And of course, they offer you the chance to participate as a broadcaster.

Check it out and enjoy! I’m watching Survivor: Nicaragua right now. It’s pretty lame, and I’m glad I’m not paying for it.

Streaming TV at = good TV watchin’

Streaming sites like, vshare, and are great for watching live tv, but if you want to skip commercials and don’t want to plan your day around tv-watching like a glervoiken, then check out

They have a ton of shows available, and current shows are regularly updated, sometimes hours after they premiere. They also have quite a few moves available, and the bandwidth requirements are meager. I can watch with no delay using my minimal DSL connection.

So do yourself a flavor and navigate over to


See more TV and fewer ads with free software.

One of the best things about watching TV online is the lack of advertisements—that is, if you have the right setup. Without the right browser and features, you might find yourself swimming in ads, instead of avoiding them, when watching TV on the Internet.

Recently, I posted about, one of my favorite sites for online TV viewing (see my post here). Well, apparently some users are experiencing ads popping up during programs they are watching. I am not one of those users.

It seems that people using the Google Chrome browser (and possibly others) are getting these interruptions. I use the Mozilla Firefox browser with the Adblock Plus extension and never get ads on I can’t speak for other browsers like Internet Explorer or Safari, but I do know what is working for me. If you’re not already using Firefox, you can get it here. And if you are but don’t have the Adblock Plus extension installed, you can find it here. It’s easy to use (you don’t really have to do anything) and works great.

There is another extension for Firefox and Google Chrome called Better JTV, specifically designed for viewing the website. What Better JTV does is reduce ads and clutter on pages, as well as widen the chat box, and generally makes the site easier to use and cleaner in appearance. You can find it here. I can’t attest for its function in Chrome, but it works flawlessly in Firefox.

If you are getting interrupted with too many ads with your current browser, try out Firefox with the Adblock Plus and Better JTV extensions. Let me know in the comments if you have other recommendations.

Affected by FOX blackouts? Don’t fret

Well, some of you may be worried about catching the World Series game tonight on FOX. If the FOX/Cablevision blackout is affecting your entertainment regimen, has a Fox feed that is pretty reliable. Just click on the FOX logo on the site.

And for MLB World Series games, there’s always ESPN America feeds, which can be found on,,, and many others. I prefer the ESPN America broadcasts because I can’t stand Joe Buck. But that’s just me.

If you know of others you like, share them in the comments. Thanks.